This nine class series will focus on the basics of cooking quick, healthy meals to save money and time. You will learn to cook using seasonally fresh ingredients and plan weekly meals so you can shop smarter and waste less. The goal is to simplify your cooking to make eating at home easier and more pleasurable. In each class we will prepare a seasonal meal without a recipe to develop confidence and fearlessness in the kitchen. Each class in the series will build on the knowledge gained in previous classes.

Cooking Up teaches how to shop smarter & plan meals, to eat better & waste less.

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January 10th: Roast a Whole Chicken & Use All The Parts

Cooking a whole chicken, even two at once, creates the opportunity to plan multiple meals while using the oven only once. In this class, we will roast a whole chicken and use most everything in several different recipes for meals throughout the week.

February 14th: One-Pot Meals

Winter is a time to eat comfort foods. One-pot meals of soups and stews are the easiest and most comforting to make during this cold season. Learn a basic method to creating any soup or stew using what is available at the market. As well, one-pot meals are a good way to utilize food in the fridge or pantry.

March 14th: The All Important Egg

Not just for breakfast anymore. Eggs are an inexpensive protein that can be added to dishes, as well as a meal in themselves. Learning to cook eggs will be simplified to make eating them more enjoyable.

April 11th: Plant Based Proteins

In this class we will learn the differences in using canned and dried beans to create simple, healthy meals and how one batch of beans cooked creates a multitude of meals for the week.

May 9th: Greens

Spring brings a variety of greens to NFM and with them a variety of meals can be made. Raw or cooked, as the accompaniment or main focus, these veggies can be used in many dishes. In this class we will create a spring greens meal.

Each class will consist of cooking a meal together, with everyone learning the process and helping to cook. At the end of each class the meal prepared will be shared & eaten together.

PAST CLASSES (visit our blog for recaps and recipes)

September 13th: Cooking Essentials

Learn the basics of cooking without using a recipe; In this class, participants will learn basic cooking skills while preparing a meal sourced from locally grown food from farmers at the NFM.

October 11th: Build Your Pantry & Reading Labels

Keeping a pantry filled with the necessary ingredients to make cooking at home easier is important. In this class we will discuss pantry basics, create a customized list, learn to understand labels and cook a seasonal meal that incorporates pantry items.

November 8th: Meal Planning

In this class we will plan meals for an entire week, taking into account seasonally available foods at the NFM. This class will highlight how to shop for & use ingredients from each meal planned to reduce food wasted in the kitchen and money wasted at the store.

December 13th: Holiday Treats

While special celebrations call for sweets, this class will focus on better sugar options and healthy baking holiday treats.