Teach a person to cook….

The easiest way to describe my cooking style is “cooking simplified." Building confidence, finding joy and experimenting, I teach people how to cook simple food they can throw together in about 30 minutes without using a recipe — from start to finish.

Food - cooking it and eating it - is something we all need; it is what connects us to each other no matter where we live, what we do, our age, our occupations or our family structure. Cooking together and eating together brings us together; meal time is how we reconnect at the end of each day. Cooking is a way to express love, to be creative and to try different things.

Teaching people the joys of a simply cooked meal has been an important focus of my life for many years. I established a nonprofit in 2010 with the mission of food education using hands-on learning in low income communities throughout Nashville that ended in 2015.

A message from our founder, Jilah Kalil

jilah kalil cooking up founder

Through this nonprofit, I established programs in community centers & transitional housing facilities that taught cooking to a wide variety of participants: preschoolers & their parent/caregiver, middle schoolers, high schoolers, returning vets, men & women in recovery & older adults. With the focus of seasonal foods and simple meals, these participants learned how to cook healthy meals, quickly & on a very limited budget.

Since then I have continued on this journey of Cooking Simplified by offering classes to everyone. With the Buy One Give One program, with each class purchased by you, I am able to offer free classes to low income family members.

I am a Mother, a Cook and a Teacher .

I am passionate about kind people, simple cooking, local food and food justice.

I love feeding the people I Love, and I want to teach you Cooking Simplified so you can feed the people you love too.