Don't Just Reheat & Repeat

Thanksgiving Leftovers

After much time spent planning & cooking, the day has past, and everyone enjoyed the meal & the company. There is one question that always remains: what to do with all the leftover food, besides just reheating & repeating the meal.

If you have mashed sweet potatoes, or any kind of mashed potato for that matter, these make a wonderful base for an egg dish. Place the mashed potatoes in a buttered or oiled baking dish, add leftover veggies like spinach, green beans, brussel sprouts on top. If no vegetables were left, then cook some fresh, and add to the baking dish. Next add any type of cheese, shredded or sliced. Place the dish in the 350 preheated oven and bake until heated through & cheese melted; if your baking dish is deep, then cover with foil to prevent the cheese from burning, remove foil once heated through to let cheese brown slightly. While the potato-veggie-cheese is baking, cook eggs in whatever style you prefer – I am always good with sunny side up. Place eggs on top & enjoy. This same thing can be done with leftover stuffing as well.

Another option for leftover potatoes & vegetables is to combine both for a potato pancake. Place all in a food processor & blend together; add several eggs, some flour & baking powder to use as a binder & keep the pancake together. Place in a skillet with oil at a high heat, & cook on each side until crispy brown. These make an excellent side dish or can be served with an egg on top to com[plete the meal.

Similarly, if rice is leftover, add the veggies & some cheese, bake & top with an egg.

Get creative with what is leftover from Thanksgiving, thinking about layers & tastes, what can be added to complete the meal. This is the best way to have fun in the kitchen & reduce food waste.  

Jilah KalilCooking Up