Roasted Tomato Gazpacho

Fewer ingredients, with one extra step: roast the tomatoes. This brings out the smokiness of summer's bounty and changes the flavor of a more traditional gazpacho into something special. If your grill is going, place the tomatoes on it, even if you will make the gazpacho another day, if not, use your oven on broil. Either way, the tomatoes are ready in about 5 minutes, browned and dark with a smokey flavor. Let them cool and then throw everything into a blender. Taste, and adjust seasonings as needed.


This soup offers options as well: add already roasted zucchini or squash, add garlic to it, parsley or cilantro, more onion or no onion, add grilled green peppers along with the spicy peppers or none at all.

3 large ripe tomatoes of any variety, or a mix including small cherry tomatoes (this is a great way to use tomatoes that may be a bit soft or over-ripe)

1 cucumber

half red onion

spicy peppers, how many depends on how spicy you want your gazpacho

white balsamic vinegar, about 8 ounces

half a cup of good olive oil

salt & pepper to taste