The vision of Cooking Up is to see more people finding joy in the kitchen, and then sitting down together at the table for a meal made with seasonally fresh foods. For every family in every community to learn the benefits of simple, healthy cooking and how this can happen in their own kitchens.

Cooking Up teaches people how to feed themselves and their families; how to cook meals every day that are simple to make and provide healthy nourishment.


At its core, Cooking Up is a social enterprise, created with the intention to bring free cooking classes to communities where resources are limited and education is wanted. At the same time, Cooking Up provides cooking education to anyone interested in learning to simplify cooking while still having fun in the kitchen.

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Buy a class, give a class

Why give a class?

When you purchase a class, you provide someone in your community with a class that will give them the knowledge and skills to cook simple, healthy meals on a budget.

Who receives free classes?

Those selected to receive free classes will have qualified already for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, a government food assistance program.

Why Learn To Cook?

Learning how to cook provides families with the lifelong knowledge that can help them make sustainable lifestyle changes; basic cooking skills can keep food from going to waste – a financial & environmental issue.

Make a difference in a family's life by joining us for a class.